Some of the Major Causes Behind Boat Capsize


According to the safety experts, survival is all about preparedness. You could rent a boat at best price and set out for a magnificent vacation. But have you ever thought about how prepared you are in dealing with the emergency situation while you are surrounded only by water. It is quite obvious that most of us do not possess the tactical nous needed to tackle the emergency situation in a proper way. But having the knowledge of probable sources of dangers could help you deal with the situation in a better way.

Here we are pointing out some of the major causes behind the sinking of a boat-

  • Fire is one of the leading causes behind the sinking of a boat. Electrical issues cause most boat fires, with wire chafe at the top of the list. It takes two things to start a fire- something that will burn and something that will start it burning. Every fire must have a fuel source and an ignition source. 56% of non-electrical engine fires result from failures in the cooling system, while problems in the exhaust system account for another 20% of non-electrical fires on boats.
  • Inclement weather conditions make boating hazardous and risky. It has been noted that most of the time, sailors go to the water when the weather is relatively favourable, but it turns nasty unexpectedly. Strong or sudden cross-winds, gale, hurricane and a squall are the major factors for boat-related accidents.
  • Operational mistakes could also cause boat capsizing incidents. In some cases, a boat's operator could turn the boat too quickly, use the sail inappropriately, or use the anchor in appropriately. Man-made mistakes for the boat accidents are increasing heavily over the years.

The first step before taking a boat at best price is to take proper safety precautions ahead of time. Loading up enough fuel, checking the weather, installing proper communication equipment, maintaining your boat, and having enough people to operate the vessel are key.