Rent a Boat in Croatia and Soak up the Sun at the Dalmatian Cruise


Gullets are now the most popular choice of vessels for exploring the water ways in various European countries. They feature generous deck space, nice pointed bows and smooth movement. Originally used by Turkish fishermen, it has now graduated to become the boat of choice for leisure travellers. Also, women find it pretty because it has an almond shape!

This beautiful, almond shaped vessel can be rented to navigate Croatia's rugged coastline constituting 1,185 islands, reefs and islets. Rent a boat in Croatia and savour the delights of sparkling wine, delicious seafood and the golden setting sun with your family or close friends. Listen to the resonant strumming of guitar and enjoy the beautiful stretch of coastline on your gullet.

Customized gullets offered by various boat rental agenciessailing on the Croatian waters with skippers is like a dream come true for many. Discovering the Dalmatian coast is like reliving the scenes from your childhood adventure trips. It gives an adrenaline rush to the skippers and the travellers. The sojourn will be even more beautiful if you reach during the Dubrovnik Music Festival and stock wines in advance.

Dalmatia is easily accessible through boats. Hire a boat in Croatia to arrive at the Dalmatian Island. It hardly takes 10 minutes from the main port to arrive at the Dalmatian port. As a tourist you must know which is the best time to visit the spot. Cruising along the Dalmatian coast is most enjoyable from June through September. Not just the best of seasons, but also it is the best time to roam around the most scheduled mooring spots.

If you do not wish to stick to the regular routine, get down put on your life jacket and enjoy the water and the sun. Some people simply enjoy the bliss associated with silence while sailing on water. Some people enjoy diving and the excitement associated with it. When you are done with it, enjoy drinking and adorning yourself at the island as it is considered to be the fashion capital of Croatia. Windsurfing, parasailing, and other water sports are also there for the travellers. Indulge in these water sports to break the stereotyping. You can also swim inside the next wonderful waterfall and soak up the sun.

All in all, Dalmatia offers loads of fun activities for the travellers cruising along the coast. Right from music to delicious seafood and right from swimming to water sports it offers everything that tourists would love to enjoy during their sojourn.